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How to scale from 100 to 700 people in 2 years? Here's Dipti's (VP People) playbook from Snyk

The war for talent could not be more brutal these days and I love solutions like the Future Founder Promise from GraphCDN and TurboRepo - it’s what makes the startup world go round and round!

Speaking of talent, Dipti Salopek, VP People at Snyk ( a portfolio co), shared her playbook for scaling your talent engine and published her Hypergrowth Playbook. I’ve seen Dipti firsthand help Snyk go from 100 to 700 people in two years with hires from all over the world and highly recommend learning from her experience. Here are 7 💎 to start as you go from startup to scaleup:

1. Don’t  just recruit, build a recruiting engine
2. Keep raising the talent bar
3. Lean in to your culture
4. Create a learning organization
5. Adapt how you communicate
6. Strengthen your Core HR processes
7. Operate with Data

As always, 🙏🏼 for reading and please share with your friends and colleagues.

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Scaling Startups

  1. Rahul at Superhuman (a portfolio co) is one of best storytellers I know and here he shares how to tell a billion dollar story along with parallels to the Hero’s Journey (I recommend reading the classic book, the Hero with a Thousand Faces)

    With the right story, you can close investors, captivate customers, and inspire your team toward your next big milestone.

    The most powerful stories have 3 key ingredients — and the way you tell them will make or break your startup. Let's dive in…

    Call to Adventures, Victory Over Crisis, Transformation…

  2. Let’s not forget this 👇🏼

  3. So many ways to hire and scale - here is one at Gumroad

  4. this could be you - Zoom acquired John’s company for $14.7B

  5. Love this

  6. 👇🏼 great advice from Mathilde (Front - a portfolio co) - a great skill to learn for founders as they continue to scale their business

Enterprise Tech

  1. Great read from Jean Yang at Akita Software Why Aren’t There More Programming Languages Startups along with🧵 on HackerNews: don’t let title mislead you as it’s beyond programming languages and also about dev tools and developer needs in general

    And 👇🏼 this is huge and many times forgotten and the difference between a true developer first tool and one that is not

  2. State of DevOps report from Puppet is out

  3. Capital One is one of most forward thinking Fortune 500s - still so much room for innovation for everyone else which means more spending on 🌥️ and developers 💰 - Capital One Adding 3,000 Tech Staff to Build on Cloud Banking Leadership

    More than 75% of this year’s expected 3,000 new hires will be engineers, he said, with expertise in areas such as cloud, data, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and security. Designing for mobile will also be a key area, he added, since online and mobile are increasingly popular ways that Capital One customers interact with the bank.

    The bank decided 8 or 10 years ago that to compete it had to develop its own software.

    “Before that, Capital One leveraged third parties to build apps, but the bank recognized the winners would be great tech companies with the risk management skills of a leading bank. In 2012 we started to redefine who we were as a company, with the goal to being a bank that a tech company would build,” added Nims.

    “We have reinvented our operating model, moving to 100% agile for delivery of software, leveraging micro services and building on open source software. By moving to AWS and re-architecting our entire data set we have dramatically advanced our ability to manage data at a larger scale, which created the foundation to leverage machine learning.

  4. 💯 - best open source and developer first cos I know subscribe to this and over time it becomes an incredible moat

  5. Many times forgotten since focus is on code when it comes to APIs and dev tools - but documentation and ease of use matters as you only have seconds before a dev goes somewhere else

    Without great documentation, great code...isn't. Great documentation, after all, makes code more approachable, more useful. Bad code? Well, as The Taproom CEO Kelly Vaughn tweeted, "Please, please, PLEASE–I am begging you–invest time and resources into your documentation. I've been running in circles for 3 days now trying to solve the same problem because the documentation is terribly lacking."

  6. If you want a quick summary of the NSO Group’s spyware story, read this 🧵


  1. What’s ahead for the economy?

  2. 🦄🦄🦄

  3. More on Zoom acquisition of Five9 - never quit…

  4. 🤯

  5. A rising cloud lifts all boats - IBM

    Total cloud revenue grew 13% compared with a year earlier to $7 billion with Red Hat sales surging 20% during the quarter. IBM reaffirmed its prior outlook of delivering revenue growth for the full year. “We are pleased with the early signs of progress,” Krishna said on a conference call of the company’s shift to cloud and AI. “However, it will take time before we realize the full benefit of these changes.”

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