If you are an enterprise founder, VC, technologist, or Fortune 500 CIO/CTO, this is for you. I’ve been a first check investor for over 25 years investing in next generation enterprise technology entrepreneurs and category creators like Snyk, BigID, Kustomer, Superhuman, Blockdaemon, Replicated, Front and Security Scorecard. I’m sharing the most interesting stories and tweets I’ve read during the week related to all things Enterprise IT. You’ll also get my commentary along with tips and thoughts on scaling startups, raising capital, and deeper technology trends. More on myself @edsim and my firm @boldstartvc.

Practical advice for founders…

What’s happening in enterprise venture capital…

and What’s 🔥 in IT and Enterprise Software…

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Ed Sim of Boldstart Ventures analyzes the opportunities for developers and startups in the market.
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