Hope springs eternal especially when it comes to AI

January 2023

On planning...Be Macro Aware, Micro Obsessed
Startups as art: lessons from legendary music product Rick Rubin on creating music that feels like magic
The world has fully reset on round sizes at early stages - what does it mean for founders?
Founders, control your own destiny, no acquihires in 2023

December 2022

Predictions for 2023, what's old πŸ‘΄πŸΌ is new again
Sea Change by Howard Marks memo, a must read on markets, the economy + what's ahead in 2023
Snyk's 🎁 to πŸ¦„ Founders - on down rounds and thinking LT πŸ“ˆ
How Open Source founders can go from artistic success to commercial success - lessons from Hashicorp
VC investor letters written by ChatGPT 🀯

November 2022

Navigating your first enterprise sales in 2023 - innovative is great, but save me πŸ’° or give me a 2:1
Carnage in security to come, a game of musical chairs but still massive outcomes for the winners