What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #101

big week for customer data as SAP, Adobe, and Microsoft partner on Open Data Initiative and Salesforce and AWS work on secure sharing of data; great reads on scaling startups and engineering productivity and benchmarking against other companies; and more analysis on Elastic Search and excitement in public markets for open source software

Snyk raises $22M on a $100M valuation to detect security vulnerabilities in open source code

Snyk raises $22M on a $100M valuation to detect security vulnerabilities in open source code

Congrats to portfolio Snyk for raising their Series B led by Accel and including GV! Been an amazing ramp in a little over 3 years from a few founders to becoming a market leader


Scaling Startups

Thoughts on benchmarking against other companies – Mathilde Collin

from Mathilde Collin (co-founder/CEO of Front - a portolio co) the pluses and minuses of benchmarking your company against others with data, just remember numbers are nice but every company has its own unique quirks


Engineering Productivity – Camille Fournier

must read for founders on engineering productivity and what makes a great manager


Enterprise Tech

72-year-old Fidelity bets on the future with blockchain, virtual reality and AI

Fidelity spends $2.5 billion a year on tech to stay ahead of the curve and competition


Towards Natural Language Semantic Code Search | GitHub Engineering

pretty interesting, Github sitting on tons of code and using machine learning to understand underlying syntax, relationships, etc to allow for semantic searching of code; not long before it starts thinking about “program synthesis” or code which generates new code


The bot that loved me: How intelligent automation will improve our jobs and our companies

great read on how to use machine learning to figure out what to automate, making RPA more intelligent, this is exactly what portfolio co FortressIQ does


Why The New Open Data Initiative By Microsoft, Adobe And SAP Could Revolutionize Customer Experience

By breaking down silos between different software platforms, the new Open Data Initiative from Microsoft, Adobe and SAP could allow companies to get a true 360-degree view of their customers, improving everything from sales to customer service.


Salesforce, AWS expand partnership with secure data sharing between platforms – TechCrunch

huge deal making it easier, esp using Lambda to set automated triggers to move data between both clouds


Digital authentication: The past, present and uncertain future of the keys to online identity – GeekWire

a walk through on digital authentication - from hashed passwords to PKI to 2 factor authentication to biometrics - IMO, the future is decentralized, biometric based and with no password - kind of like portfolio co Hypr


Accenture Cyber Threatscape Report highlights 5 areas of attack

  1. Iranian threat is a growing force to be reckoned with

  2. Extended supply chain threats are challenging the ecosystem

  3. Critical infrastructure is a high-value target for threat actors

  4. Advanced persistent threats are becoming more financially motivated

  5. Miner malware is creating a cryptocurrency surge



Another Open-Source IPO Shows the Market Power of "Free" Software

Great post by Dharmesh Shah at Battery Ventures on the power and economics of open source software, $159mm revenue YTD with 55,000 customers


Pulling back the curtain on how SoftBank’s massive Vision Fund works — including just how big a check it can write

great interview on how Softbank decides on who to invest in, starts with market landscapes, minimum $100mm check, meet Masa in Japan as final step - need to think super large scale


Slack Actively Preparing for Early 2019 IPO

Slack Actively Preparing for Early 2019 IPO

Slack thinking of going public in early 2019


Eric Schmidt, ex-Google CEO, predicts internet bifurcation with China

Eric Schmidt does not believe the internet will splinter, but does see us heading toward a ‘bifurcated internet, with China leading one part - fascinating read, also Eric reiterates the scale of companies being built in China


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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