What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #110

back from a week at AWS Reinvent and once again blown away by the scale; AWS outposts for hybrid and lots of announcements on ML Sagemaker platform from data algo marketplace to OCR and NLP models; solid advice for founders from Mathilde Collin, Salesforce and Box crush earnings

Ed Sim


The feeling from VCs at @AWSreInvent investor day when you realize your startup is not a feature on their roadmap this year https://t.co/32W8ncMiH6

11:49 AM - 29 Nov 2018

Scaling Startups

9 most useful piece of advice I’ve received - Mathilde Collin Front

Here is my personal collection of good advice I’ve received over the years. I’ve received plenty but these are the few that I remember AND that I can vouch for from first-hand experience building…


To Be Continuous | Ep. #50, Marketing an Open Source Project

yes, marketing matters even in open source, it just may look different - great podcast Edith (Launch Darkly) and Paul (Dark, CircleCI) look at how marketing plays a role in open source and how creators can turn a vision into a successful developer community.


Amazon's cloud business is competing with its own customers

this is a continuing trend to watch as AWS expands its reach, how do startups continue to compete with AWS, will this drive Google to acquire these cos, what’s the playbook for success?


Enterprise Tech

Amazon Web Services will sell hardware to hybrid cloud customers to run in their own data centers

AWS Outposts is a big deal and acknowledgement that on-prem matters still, hybrid cloud great for customers to have similar management tools, APIs, etc across their own data centers and cloud


Is Public Cloud Cheaper Than Running Your Own Data Center?

The math behind it all, short term it costs more, long term significant savings and of course agility


Marriott Hacking Exposes Data of Up to 500 Million Guests

one of biggest data breaches in history…there will be many more to come, unfortunately


Why Google Cloud’s new boss will fail like the old boss

Matt Asay of infoworld lays out why great tech alone does not cut in the enterprise, it’s the culture


In the Wake of GDPR, Will the U.S. Embrace Data Privacy?

yes, this needs to happen, for consumer and also for enterprises to make it easier to comply vs having dozens of different state by state laws


A Plan to Turn New York Into a Capital of Cybersecurity - The New York Times

really fired up about this for NYC ecosystem, we have 2 security companies here growing nicely, SecurityScorecard and Hypr - with online dangers nearly everywhere, a partnership will work with local universities and global tech firms to make Manhattan a hub for data protection.



Blowout earnings from Salesforce and Workday

Salesforce quarter up 34% and reminder from Benioff that no matter what economic cycle Fortune 500s still need infrastructure software


Box Reports Record Revenue of $155.9 Million, Up 21 Percent Year-Over-Year

Box, Inc. is crushing it, up 21% year over year in Q#


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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