What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #149

Enterprise tech was white hot and now with expectations so high, even solid growth on earnings reports are bringing high flyers like Crowdstrike and Slack back to earth; Big props to BigID this week (a portfolio co) which announced its $50mm Series C led by Bessemer Venture Partners and including Salesforce, another deep dive into security with a tweetstorm from Phil Venables, and COBOL turns 60

BigID announces $50M Series C investment as privacy takes center stage

It turns out GDPR was just the tip of the privacy iceberg. With California’s privacy law coming on line January 1st and dozens more in various stages of development, it’s clear that governments are taking privacy seriously, which means companies have to as well. New York startup BigID, which has been developing a privacy platform […]


Scaling Startups

Werner Vogels


in one tweet? 1) if you want to be a VP of Engineering focus on teams and people and how to make them succesfull 2) wanna be a CTO? Simplify. Focus on the business, what is the simplest, most robust Tech/Ops that makes the business succeed. https://t.co/LPZxMAlQkk

10:22 AM - 6 Sep 2019

Ed Sim


Founders when hiring senior execs, 🔑 is to strike a balance; set clear goals and manage to them but don’t micromanage, manage too closely and you lose your team and not closely enough and you miss hitting important milestones. I've seen both time and time again

4:42 PM - 4 Sep 2019

40 Favorite Interview Questions from Some of the Sharpest Folks We Know

another great read from the First Round Review to up your hiring game


Enterprise Tech

Matt Asay


Gartner: Global IT spending in 2019 to top $3.79 TRILLION. Public cloud spending? $214 billion. Cloud is not about trading market share between AWS, Azure, Alibaba, or GCP; rather, it is about making that other ~95% of IT spending dramatically more productive. We have work to do

10:12 AM - 4 Sep 2019

Enabling developers and organizations to use differential privacy

awesome that Google is opening up their platform for devs to build more privacy into their applications - this is the beginning of a new wave where every application will eventually have to have this built in by default


COBOL turns 60: Why it will outlive us all

don’t forget COBOL which is powering much of the banking, insurance world - “Any time you phone a call center, any time you transfer money, or check your account, or pay a mortgage, or renew or get an insurance quote, or when contacting a government department, or shipping a parcel, or ordering some flowers, or buying something online at a whole range of retailers, or booking a vacation, or a flight, or trading stocks, or even checking your favorite baseball team’s seasonal statistics, you are interacting with COBOL.”


another insightful tweetstorm from Phil Venables, former CISO Goldman Sachs on vulnerability management…

Phil Venables


Vulnerability Management. A thread.

I don’t see much written on vulnerability management in more holistic terms vs. patch/bug fixing. This might be ok given a lot of vuln. mgmt. should be contextualized into enterprise risk/control. But still worth a short thread.......


9:55 AM - 1 Sep 2019

Front, Shared Inbox Pioneer - GigaOm Brief

while Slack is getting all of the headlines for team communications, Stowe Boyd from GigaOm Research believes “shared email inboxes like @FrontApp (a portfolio co) are the smartest way to go for customer and partner communications "Email is the cockroach of communication tools: it’s been here since the beginning and will be here long after we have all retired.”



Slack’s Shares Plunge After It Predicts a Larger Loss

as much as Slack says they are not worried about Microsoft Teams, the widening losses to spend on sales and marketing says the opposite - this will be an interesting area to watch as best of breed startups fights incumbentccccccknfv


Cloud Software Stocks Like Slack and Zoom Video Are Volatile

Enterprise stocks are white hot these days but with high valuations come high expectations; when the latter don’t come to fruition, you see massive volatility in stock prices - Slack, PagerDuty, and Crowdstrike presented some solid growth numbers but weren’t inline with expectations


Drone Bubble Bursts, Wiping Out Startups and Hammering VC Firms

remember when every VC needed an enterprise drone play? Bubble has bursted here and the ides of VCs being so thematic that they need “one of those” worries me as the enterprise sector is white hot across the board


By Ed Sim

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