What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #26

this is big - should unlock more enterprise growth - docker helping move legacy apps to containers; what happened with doing the right thing? - read article on tanium…again; other great reads on scaling sales and if you have time, listen to part 2 of my interview on Venture Studio on enterprise tech and first checks,


Ep 43 - Ed Sim - Boldstart Ventures (2 of 2) by Venture Studio |

listen to part 2 of my interview with Dave Lerner of Venture Studio on enterprise tech, NYC, and what’s ahead - Ep 43 - Ed Sim - Boldstart Ventures (2 of 2) http://buff.ly/2pG53dH


Serverless Security implications—from infra to OWASP | Snyk

important read by Guy Podjarny on the security implications of serverless - many benefits but shifts focus more to app layer


Scaling Startups

Introverts tend to be better CEOs — and other surprising traits of top-performing executives - The Washington Post

also “high-velocity” decision making a key trait


Top Sales Lessons Scaling to $100m ARR: A Discussion with Zendesk, Atlassian and Optimizely at NextWorld Capital – SaaStr

solid panel from bottom up land and expand model to top down enterprise sales and keys to success


SMB or Enterprise - Which is the Better Go To Market in SaaS?

go with your gut and experience - data shows success in both - my view - focus on customers and it will lead the way


Enterprise Tech

Introducing the Modernize Traditional Apps Program - Docker Blog

Docker starting program to help enterprises move legacy apps to containers - this is a big deal but as mentioned, despite architecture enterprises still need to update culture and processes to make this effective


The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI - MIT Technology Review

explainability of machine learning models an issue is legal, medicine, and defense - “No one really knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. That could be a problem.”


Tanium CEO Orion Hindawi is facing another scandal - Business Insider

what happened to doing the right thing?, the tech culture of ask for forgiveness not permission seems to be hitting a backlash now with zenefits, uber, tanium and more, treat your employees, customers, partners and investors right and first


Google Cloud Platform Blog: Quantifying the performance of the TPU, our first machine learning chip

machine learning chips built by Google or actually at a new startup, a must have for performance and power requirements



Canada is North America’s up-and-coming startup center | TechCrunch

the secret’s out - amazing founders and tech - we’ve made 7 enterprise investments and will do more


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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