What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #41

great interview with Mathilde Collin (front cofounder) on who she 3xd revenue in 11 months, AI is everywhere and may be an overused term already, despite that, check out what Salesforce Einstein is, and a big deal in infrastructure land with Cisco/Google Cloud partnering together for hybrid cloud deployments…and also IBM says it is crushing it in cloud revenue with a $15.1b annual run rate

Scaling Startups

How Has She Has 3x'd Revenue to $700k MRR in Just 11 Months? - Nathan Latka

great interview from Front cofounder, Mathilde Collin (a boldstart investment) no how she has hit $700k MRR in 11months


Enterprise Tech

Artificial Intelligence at Salesforce: An Inside Look | WIRED

why Einstein is actually true machine learning -

“The program studies the history of the data and figures out for itself which factors best predict the future—and then it keeps adjusting its model based on new information over time. …can work not only from columns of basic Salesforce data but also from information like sales email threads that it parses and images that it reads.”


Cisco, Google Team Up on ‘Goodzilla’ Cloud Project — The Information

this is big - Cisco Systems and Google are working together to let companies that buy Cisco’s servers run online applications both in their private data centers and in Google’s public cloud, according to two people with knowledge of the plan. The joint effort is aimed at giving each company something it had …


Blockchain and life insurance: Ripe pickings - Bussmann Advisory

great article on how blockchain being used in Iife insurance



IBM Beats Amazon In 12-Month Cloud Revenue, $15.1 Billion To $14.5 Billion

cloud is cranking -

“While Amazon Web Services deserves the acclaim its received for its steep growth rates, IBM topped Amazon in cloud-computing revenue for the trailing 12 months, $15.1 billion to $14.5 billion, as IBM exploits its vast set of capabilities to help clients achieve digital transformation via the cloud.”


Report: Many firms are "AI washing" claims of intelligent products - Axios

The risk is a jaded customer base - too much AI from everyone - need to really be clear about what you are doing and how


By Ed Sim

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