What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #55

for dev first founders, read Top 10 Lessons from haschicorp founder; big week on blockchain/crypto - Ethereum vulnerability freezes $150mm of assets and crypto mania continues and VCs with differing viewpoints; Salesforce Dreamforce with huge announcement on hosting on Google Cloud and deeper tie-ins to Google Apps

Scaling Startups

Top 10 Lessons from HashiCorp Founder Armon Dadgar - Going Long

lessons from Hashicorp founder on building an open source based business - remember, “initial user growth is a long, slow ramp” and there is no overnight success story


The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year. It’s Drift’s and it’s brilliant. Here’s why. | OpenView Labs

as I always “market the vision, sell the product” - Drift doesn’t pitch a product, they pitch the promised land, making their sales pitch one of the best ever. Find out why and learn more here.


Enterprise Tech

How Blockchains Will Turn Supply Chains In2 Demand Chains

Casey argues that the value blockchain technology offers to supply-chain management will come once other technologies, such as 3D printing, bring major disruption to global manufacturing and delivery networks.


Salesforce to offer more customized AI with myEinstein | TechCrunch

this is where the world is going - making it easier and easier for end users to engage with AI, Microsoft also embedding data science models in Office, soon it will be point and click


A major vulnerability has frozen hundreds of millions of dollars of Ethereum | TechCrunch

2nd vulnerability on Ethereum in 4 months - how will this play out for large Fortune 500s looking for stability



New Salesforce And Google Partnership Shakes Up The Cloud Race

this is big, this will lead to deeper integration for sure “Google and Salesforce have signed a new wide-ranging partnership to integrate their products that could shake up the cloud computing race.”



Cryptocurrency Mania Fuels Hype and Fear at Venture Firms | WIRED

crypto craze full on, our approach is to not invest in ICOs, we’re focused on blockchain use cases for enterprise


Don't build security tools, build developer tools instead | CSO Online

great article from Snyk cofounder, Guy Podjarny (full disclosure: my fund boldstart is an investor) need to rethink Security for devs, start dev first and then figure out how to layer in security


The DAO Again? Fears, Forks and Finger-Pointing In Parity Exploit Aftermath - CoinDesk

How does this play out for those large enterprises working on ethereum - with hyperledger fabric no coins to hack https://t.co/43LNAhN5Qa


Twilio sets revenue record in Q3 | ZDNet

developer first and API - driven models are scaling - Twilio surpassed $100 million in quarterly revenue for the first time


How we closed our $500k seed round – Blockdaemon

my fund’s latest investment, Heroku for blockchain, nodes as a service


in the fun camp, I’m now only communicating with our Founders with Animojis!

Know your ABCs - YouTube

Know your ABCs - YouTube

By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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