What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #71

Dropbox filed IPO last week but what was most fascinating is their claim they are saving almost $75mm over 2 yrs from deploying own infra, 2FA needs to get rid of SMS, more consolidation in security space, and a look at how Nutanix is thinking about multi-cloud

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Enterprise Tech

Dropbox saved almost $75 million over two years by building its own tech infrastructure – GeekWire

Dropbox filled to go public but one of most interesting tidbits is they believe they saved over $75mm by rolling their own tech infrastructure and not using AWS


Major US carriers working together on next-gen ‘mobile authentication platform’ to replace weak SMS system | 9to5Mac

this will be big as existing 2FA on SMS can be hacked, I still think decentralized biometric auth is way to go (yes, i’m biased as investor in Hypr)


Serverless Security: What's Left to Protect?

amazing resource from Guy Podjarny (founder of Snyk - a portfolio co) on serverless, how it works, an how to secure - This article aims to provide a broad understanding of security in the Serverless world. We’ll consider the ways in which Serverless improves security, the areas where it changes security, and the security concerns it hurts.


Palantir has secretly been using New Orleans to test its predictive policing technology - The Verge

big brother is watching, predictive policing powered by Palantir’s algorithms - “Predictive policing technology has proven highly controversial wherever it is implemented, and the secrecy surrounding the NOPD program raises questions about legality, transparency, and privacy.”


Nearly Half of 2017’s Bitcoin-Backed 'ICO' Projects Have Collapsed | Fortune

not surprising, whoever said giving too much money fully liquid to founders w/ no product a good idea?, overall bullish LT on blockchain, but expect many more ICO projects 2 die in ST - The projects raised $233 million, then folded — or just disappeared.



Why Big Data Firm Splunk Is Buying Cyber Startup Phantom for $350M | Fortune

the security sector is consolidating, automated ops moving - Here’s why Big Data-analytics provider Splunk is buying the cybersecurity startup Phantom Cyber for $350 million—it’s biggest deal to date.


Nutanix Rising: This is How we Avoid Cloud Lock-in, Says CEO Pandey

Nutanix reinventing itself and going software only, talking about a cloud OS, I am hearing about this more and more as multi-cloud becomes more important


How does Chinese tech stack up against American tech? - Schumpeter

great read on how China is potentially leapfrogging America in some areas - “AMERICANS, and friends of America, often reassure themselves about its relative decline in the following way. Even if the roads, airports and schools continue to slide, it will retain its lead in the most sophisticated fields for decades. They include defence, elite universities, and, in the business world, technology.”


New York Will Never Be Silicon Valley. And It's Good With That - Bloomberg

go NYC tech! - Startups raised $11.5 billion in venture capital last year, putting the city in striking distance of you-know-where.



10 Most Innovative CEOs in Banking 2018 | Bank Innovation | Bank Innovation

congrats George Avetisov (portfolio co Hypr) on making this list - EXCLUSIVE - Everything in banking is changing: fintechs are solidifying their place in the financial ecosystem, as challenger banks, online lenders, and


By Ed Sim

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