What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #73

if you were ever wondering on what was the optimal number of VCs on a board, read Too Many VC Cooks…, also a must read on why enterprise software cos should not be so fearful of service revenue; big IPO week as ZScaler goes public and Dropbox IPO valuation below it’s last $10 billion private valuation

Scaling Startups

Too Many VC Cooks in the Kitchen? – VC by the Numbers – Medium

data supporting what a wise VC once told me, “VCs on a board are like margaritas, one is not enough, 3 is too many, 2 is just right” - At Correlation Ventures, we spend a fair amount of time using our proprietary database to identify the telltale signs of successful startups. One question we asked recently is whether there are…


The case for boosting enterprise software startups with services – TechCrunch

great post on why services for enterprise cos is not necessarily a bad thing and actually can be great


Enterprise Tech

Exploring new frontiers in CI/CD and DevOps – Hacker Noon

catching up on reading from late Feb - great post on what’s ahead for CI/CD - Ten years ago, the idea of DevOps sprang from the minds of Andrew Shafer and Patrick Debois (source). A year later they actually named it “DevOps”. This tenth anniversary marks a good time to look at…


Cloudflare to open an edge computing service for developers using its network – GeekWire

Cloudflare is ready to take the wraps of a new service designed for developers creating Internet-of-Things apps that want to capitalize on the proximity…


Twilio launches Flex, a fully programmable contact center | TechCrunch

super interesting how Twilio moving up stack from back end APIs to now fully programmable UI or contact center in a box


Robots Won’t Solve the Worker Shortage - Barron's

I’m a big believer in human in loop, so we aren’t moving to full automation for awhile - The U.S. faces a labor shortage, as the supply of qualified workers can’t keep up with economic growth.



Zscaler soars 106% on first day of trading – TechCrunch

big day for cloud security as Zscaler has successful raise of $192mm, 2017 revenue was $125.7mm up from $80.3mm year before and loss of $35.5mm


Dropbox IPO price range puts valuation nearly a third below peak | Reuters

Price range is around $7.1b market cap, down from $10b last round in 2014 - time of reckoning for many unicorn priced startups looking to go public



Wallaroo Labs Promises Easily-Scalable Big Data Processing Infrastructure, The New Stack

more on Wallaroo Labs (a boldstart portfolio co)

“We found that building algorithms was the easiest part,” he said, of the computations that had to handle lots of data and run at huge scale without losing a trade or do it out of order.

“We found that every time we deployed algorithms, we were solving the same infrastructure problems. We spent most of our time on scaling.”


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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