What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #86

NYC Enterprise tech cranking; congrats to portfolio co Kustomer on their $26mm raise to go after Zendesk with Redpoint and Cisco; Morgan Stanley reveals a $4b IT budget; and a few reads on ML at the edge

Kustomer gets $26M to take on Zendesk with an omnichannel approach to customer support – TechCrunch

Congrats @kustomer - huge opportunity ahead, reinventing the old with the new - “We are a much more modern solution "No one does omni-channel #customerservice properly, where you can see a single threaded conversation speaking to all of a customer’s points.” @bradbirnbaum


Scaling Startups

How does product work with engineering at Manifold?

Different companies, product teams, and people will have a different process to create a seamless transition from product to engineering. At Manifold, we’ve iterated toward a process that keeps…


Enterprise Tech

Morgan Stanley's CEO let it slip just how many billions the bank is spending on tech - Business Insider

Remember, every Fortune 500 is a tech co first - $4b spend on tech (sorry behind a paywall) - BI PRIME: As a percentage of overall expenses, Morgan Stanley devotes twice the amount to tech spend as rival Citi.


Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny « Pete Warden's blog

Pete Warden’s post on ML at the edge on tiny devices is making the rounds in the twittersphere…


AI could get 100 times more energy-efficient with IBM’s new artificial synapses - MIT Technology Review

neuromorphic computing and spiking neural networks that mimic the brain is an idea that’s been around for awhile but hard to realize - IBM’s working on a new solution


Inside Amazon’s $3.5 million competition to make Alexa chat like a human - The Verge

great read on opportunities and challenges for true human chat; rules and machine learning and different approaches to solving this problem


Docker CEO Details Strategy for Growing the Container Business

Docker enterprise edition will be out 2nd half of year - CEO discusses plan to help customers modernize legacy apps - sounds like a smart move going from a pure infra sale to a solution sale - “The core of Docker’s business model is driven by the MTA offering, which is more than just a collection of software bits. The MTA offering is all about helping organizations take older applications and turn them into more agile, modern microservices and container-based deployments that can run anywhere. "The way we sell Docker MTA is actually as a software subscription,” Singh said.“


Software for Quantum Computers - The New Stack

it’s still early but software for devs to start writing quantum apps are available - IBM’s and D-Wave’s systems are targeted at high-end applications. IBM’s working with JPMorgan Chase to find applications in financial strategies and risk management. IBM is also working with Daimler on automotive and transportation applications, which could involve artificial intelligence, fleet logistics, or possibly traffic prediction and management. Other applications being investigations are in molecular structures, chemicals and materials research.


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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