What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #92

Serverless and security are the flavors of the week: serverless is moving more loads into production (see report from serverless) and Google released Knative at Google Next, potentially the beginnings for a multi-cloud, polyglot FaaS (read more below); another security co has a hot IPO in Tenable, and security keys are coming back with Google bringing Titan for 2FA

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2018 Serverless Community Survey: huge growth in serverless usage

most interesting, can make an average dev excellent - “Twenty-four percent of respondents said they had limited or no experience with the public cloud prior to using serverless. Although it is possible they had used private clouds, a more likely explanation is that the respondents are not programmers and are using low- or no-code solutions to execute business logic”


Knative Enables Portable Serverless Platforms on Kubernetes, for Any Cloud - The New Stack

this is big; cross platform serverless deployment on k8s


Google To Sell Titan Security Key To Fight Phishing Attacks | Fortune

this is a huge deal, hardware keys are coming back and Google making mainstream for extra security, also validates FIDO U2F market according to @HyprCorp - Google will sell its Titan security key based on the internal security keys the company uses to protect against phishing attacks.


Goodbye HipChat: Slack and Atlassian Team Up on Chat Software - Bloomberg

smart move by Atlassian, Slack wins and focus on the future competition from a Microsoft owned Github; “Stewart Butterfield’s startup will subsume Atlassian’s corporate chat tools to take on Microsoft”


The blockchain begins finding its way in the enterprise – TechCrunch

great post from @ron_miller on state of enterprise blockchain; FWIW it’s early but promising + seeing more use cases going to production but still need tools to make it easy like @blockdaemon and @amberdata


Boston Dynamics Looks to Follow Viral Fame with 1,000 Robot Dogs in 2019 | Inverse

robot as platform, particularly lots of commercial use cases - Boston Dynamics has plans to take its robotic helpers mainstream next year: By July 2019, it will be on pace to produce 1,000 SpotMini robots annually. The overarching goal for the 26-year-old company is to become the Android operating system for robots.



Tenable (TENB) IPO: Stock starts trading on the Nasdaq

Tenable Security has a killer debut, 24,000 subscription customers and growing


How ‘Fortnite’ Became the Most Popular Video Game on Earth

I know it’s not enterprise but an interesting read on the phenomenon called Fortnite, a super addictive mutiplayer game on all systems which hit $1b in in-app purchases - “Fortnite” is on its way to becoming the most popular — or at least the most addictive — game of all time. Since last September, the last-man-standing battle royale has been played by more than 125 million people.


By Ed Sim

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