What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #97

This week it’s all about dev ops and open source; a heated debate about Redis Labs changing it’s OSS license and whether or not economics of OSS is broken (see under scaling startups), a must read massive report on state of dev ops from DORA, a great podcast with Paul Biggar from Dark on how small should small be when it comes to microservices. Happy Labor Day to all!

Scaling Startups

The (broken) economics of OSS – Matt Klein – Medium

great debate on open source software and whether economics are broken or not - spurred by Redis Labs which announced a change in how they will license some extensions to the core Redis project


It’s Time for the Open Source Community to Get Real | Blog | InfluxData

debate summed up CTO of Influx Data - “Building a business in the open source infrastructure space has become much harder over the last few years because of the cloud providers’ continued march across the entire infrastructure software market. This is exactly what’s driving RedisLabs’ decision on this licensing move.”


Silicon Valley is changing, and its lead over other tech hubs narrowing - Techsodus

lots of debate online as well on this - see some tweets from Steve Case, but truly opportunity expanding outside of Silicon Valley and excited about it


Public SaaS / Software Founder & CEO Benchmarking | Equity, Age, Comp

great read for founders understanding what their ownership and size of pie may look like after many rounds of funding - 60+ software startups


Enterprise Tech

DevOps Research and Assessment

must read report on the state of dev ops - With over 1,800 responses from companies of all types and sizes, we’ve extended our model of software delivery performance to include availability; studied how cloud infrastructure and its implementation impacts performance; examined how leadership and learning affect culture and delivery performance; expanded our investigation of technical practices to include observability, continuous testing, and database practices— full report here


How JPMorgan Is Preparing For The Next Generation Of Consumer Banking

every Fortune 500 is a tech co; great report from CB Insights on the JPMC strategy - JPMorgan Chase is rebuilding its consumer business model to create a “digital everything” strategy that trades short-term losses for long-term profits.


Blockchain Courses Are Growing In Popularity On College Campuses | Fortune

why blockchain could be the future - starts on college campuses and it’s multi disciplinary - “Coinbase’s analysis found that of the 172 classes listed by the top 50 universities, 15 percent were offered by business, economics, finance, and law departments, and four percent were in social science departments such as anthropology, history, and political science,” the report notes.“


FBOSS: Building Switch Software at Scale – Facebook Research

super cool paper on how Facebook built it’s own data center switch software, FBOSS


The State of IoT Security — Dark Cubed

must read report from startup out of DC - The State of IoT Security, by installing just 12 IoT devices purchased off the shelf from well known retailers, personal information and other data began spreading across the globe


Google’s in-house security key is now available - The Verge

glad to see Google mainstreaming keys; security is about what you know and what you have and this is best way - look forward to @hypr layering their decentralization on top of this - Google’s Titan Security Key — used for two-factor logins — went live today in the Google store, with a full kit available for $50, shipping immediately.


Microsoft touts more AI-powered OneDrive for Business and SharePoint features due later this year | ZDNet

example of how MSFT is building in AI/ML capabilities into Office and bringing this to the masses - “Microsoft is adding automated audio and video transcription, file recommendations and new content-sharing options to its OneDrive for Business and SharePoint storage services later this year.”



To Be Continuous | Ep. #38, From Monolith to Microservices | Heavybit

hear Paul Biggar, co-founder of Dark, talk about how small should small be when it comes to microservices - In the latest episode of To Be Continuous, Edith and Paul discuss the challenges and benefits of refactoring monolithic applications into microservices. They examine various approaches for creating microservice boundaries and dispel the myth that they should be defined as small as possible.


Changing the Culture of Security with Snyk (Ep. 78)

Hear Guy Podjarny, co-founder and CEO of Snyk talk with Pivotal about the culture of security


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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