What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #98

this week’s reads most interesting reads are on scaling startups; listen to SaaStr Podcast I did with Harry Stebbings on working with your first few enterprises, Howard Morgan on a framework for getting big by relaxing constraints, Mathilde Collin (Front) on when to hire a head of engineering and Doug Leone (Sequoia) on advice for founders; on the infrastructure side another big week as Elastic Search filed its IPO and a great example of bottom up and dev first downloads to enterprise sales and Okta crushed their numbers; finally a read on Quantum being 3 years away

SaaStr Podcast #190: Ed Sim, Founder & GP @ Boldstart Ventures, Why SaaS Founders Should Not Sell Their Products in Early Days | SaaStr

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Harry Stebbings on how founders should approach their first enterprise sales and what are the key ingredients for success


Scaling Startups

The Imperative Practice of Relaxing Constraints | First Round Review

Howard Morgan presents a great framework for how Founders can think big and execute on that by relaxing four key constraints.


Great advice from Doug Leone from Sequoia for founders…



Doug Leone of Sequoia gives advice to founders
1) Only start a company if you have a burning need
2) Protect your equity like gold
3) Choose your partners and co-founders carefully
4) Raise as little money as you can early on
5) Be true and listen to common sense

#TCDisrupt https://t.co/38dEgqJHvW

1:12 PM - 6 Sep 2018

When to hire a head of engineering and what to look for

this is something many technical founders and cofounders struggle with, Mathilde Collin, CEO of portfolio company Front nails it


All Things Sales! 16 Mini-Lessons for Startup Founders – Andreessen Horowitz

great bite size mini-lesson from Peter Levine a16z on enterprise sales


Enterprise Tech

Companies worry more about access to software developers than capital

every Fortune 500 is a tech co which means they need software engineers, yet much time is still spent on maintaining legacy systems, need a better way - more productivity, better allocation of resources, focus on core


Defense Department pledges billions toward artificial intelligence research - Washington Post

The investment will step up both a technological arms race with China and an ideological clash with Silicon Valley over the future of powerful machines.


The reality of quantum computing could be just three years away – TechCrunch

says IBM and Rigetti computing…


Cars and second order consequences — Benedict Evans

thought provoking as usual from Benedict Evans of a16z - this is where we see the most opportunity when startups go after incumbents - the intersection - “One of the issues that recurs in thinking about Tesla is that tech people don’t really know enough about cars, and car people don’t really know enough about software. ”



9 Things I Learned from Elastic's S-1 (IPO Filing) | SaaStr

bottom up, dev first model going public - 9 things Jason Lemkin learned from the S-1 filing


Okta Q2 2018 earnings, revenue, analysis

Okta crushes Q2 earnings and revenue showing continue strength in enterprise infrastructure market


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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