What's 🔥 in Enterprise IT/VC #257

📖 Story time from Salesforce - how big can they get and how fast 📈?

As you know, I like reading the tea leaves and learning from investor day presentations and earnings transcripts from the leading enterprise software companies to get a glimpse of the future. Along those lines, one of the best storytellers in the business is Salesforce and their Investor Day 9 days ago did not disappoint.

In fact, investors ate this up as the stock shot up 8% the day after even though they only raised 2022 revenue guidance by 1%. Stories matter! So what is the big story from Salesforce?

The whole theme of the presentation is the New World. If you have time, take a look at the whole deck as it truly lays out the scale of opportunity on the IT spending side for all enterprise software companies. Also I encourage you to watch the Q&A with Bret Taylor, President & COO, who goes deeper and shares what’s ahead for the future.

We’re living in a New World and the opportunity is MASSIVE!


Product Matters!

We’re still innovating at a ridiculous pace!

Insanely fast growth for a company of this size…

Finally, I would argue that Salesforce has done this better than any public company out there.

Storytelling matters!

As always, 🙏🏼 for reading and please share with your friends and colleagues!

Scaling Startups

  1. Founders…keep grinding, you see the future better than investors

  2. Pure gold from Scott on what best product leaders do 🧵

  3. 💯

Enterprise Tech

  1. 💪🏼 onboarding developers is still a huge problem at many companies and I’m excited for Codesee to come out of stealth to help developers get up to a speed a bit faster with maps…try it out at OSS Port which is helping open source maintainers help contributors get more productive, faster

  2. It’s out - Matt Turck’s (FirstMark) MAD landscape (ML, AI, Data) - way too many companies here!

  3. Cloud Wars - Cloudflare going after AWS cash cow S3 and Google dropping a bomb by reducing marketplace take rate from 20% to 3% 😲

  4. 💯👇🏼 - must read

  5. Informatica filed S-1, the “intelligent data mgmt ☁️ platform” - shows a company transitioning from a license, on-prem data infra provider to “☁️ 1st, data always”

  1. Markets

  1. 130% is still best in class

  2. Amplitude, product analytics platform, goes public via direct listing - also origin story quite interesting as it involved an early pivot - many startups never go in a straight line…