What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #129

the public markets have spoken, enterprise companies like Zoom are hot as Zoom ended up week 72% up from its IPO while Pinterest (consumer) up 28% - more on Zoom with a great profile on the founder below, other topics for this week include how Snowflake is not only competing with but beating AWS in cloud data warehouse market, an article on the next phase of RPA dubbed Integrated Automation Platforms, and a great market map from OpenView on the many types of product led growth companies

Scaling Startups

great market map showing the breadth and depth of product led-growth

Enterprise Tech

Snowflake Aims to Beat Amazon at Its Own Game

important read as Snowflake shows it can compete and win against AWS - “The good news is that we are quite a bit ahead of those folks,” he said. “Even if they launched a product this calendar year, we would still have a head start on it.”


RPA is dead. Long live Integrated Automation Platforms

from automation analyst Phil Fersht from HFS Research, slightly dramatic but point is enterprises need more than just RPA for full automation - “most “RPA” engagements that have been signed are not for unattended processes, instead, most are attended robotic desktop automation (RDA) deployments. Attended RDA requires a loop of human and bot interplay to complete tasks. These engagements are not the pure form of RPA that we invented – they are a motley crew of scripts and macros applying add band-aids to messy desktop applications and processes to maintain the same old way of doing things.”


Happy Tools, for the Future of Work

I’m a big believer in fully distributed teams if built from the get go and super smart from Matt Mullenweg at Automattic (wordpress) which has over 850 employees from 65 countries - he’s sharing all of the tools starting with calendaring for these kinds of companies which are becoming more prevalent


ChinAI #48: Year 1 of ChinAI

great year in review on state of AI in China - net net - Western observers consistently overinflate Chinese AI capabilities.


Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies

some of best opportunities are available when popular opinion is focused on the next big thing and sums up what’s happening with enterprises using blockchain - from Michael Castillo of Forbes, the new Blockchain 50 list features big companies–with minimum revenues or valuations of $1 billion, and U.S. operations using blockchain



Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! The Exclusive Inside Story Of The New Billionaire Behind Tech’s Hottest IPO

Zoom’s IPO wowed Wall Street. Behind the $16 billion market cap bonanza: new billionaire Eric Yuan, the immigrant founder whose video conference app just works better.


The Tech IPOs Delivering the Most for Investors

in short, enterprise or business software cos outperforming consumer in the post-IPO market


First Look At The Fastly IPO Filing

edge cloud platform files, 40% YoY growth in revenue to $144.6mm and 54% gross margin - what is great about biz is dollar based expansion of customers at 132%



Should Symantec Investors Worry About HYPR?

great read on passwordless security, removing centralized credentials and portfolio co @HyprCorp - This Manhattan startup growing at 400% supplies a safer way to authenticate customers and employees. Is it a threat to Symantec’s profitable enterprise business?


The surprise AI trend that's directly impacting bottom lines

great to have portfolio cos FortressIQ and Catalytic mentioned here - With “Intelligent RPA” (robotic processing automation), routine tasks are automated, costs are cut 50% to 75%, & employees can work on more strategic tasks.


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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