What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #141

Privacy matters! Facebook fined $5b by FTC, British Airways $230mm and Marriott $123mm for GDPR, privacy matters as massive Zoom vulnerability let any website turn on your webcam, age doesn’t matter as being committed to your vision is more important according to HBR research - avg age of most successful founders is 45, multi-cloud is real, and which open source model is the best (see Cloudera story below)

Dharmesh Shah


Though we're a minor data point and still working towards being a "successful firm", both founders of HubSpot were 39 at the time we started the company.

In my experience, age doesn't matter, but a founder's commitment to their cause does. That can happen at any age. https://t.co/CgKH6igPBH

9:11 AM - 8 Jul 2019

Scaling Startups

Research: The Average Age of a Successful Startup Founder Is 45

The most successful entrepreneurs aren’t 20-somethings


Enterprise Tech

Multi-Cloud Strategies Grow, Bring New IT Headaches: Survey

I had several meetings with Fortune 100 IT Execs this week and multi-cloud was a topic of conversation along with avoiding vendor lock-in, I don’t think we will ever see one application distributed across clouds but more about different workloads on different clouds or rules for deploying certain apps on certain clouds


Cloudera Sees Inspiration in Red Hat, Goes "All-In" on Open Source

which open source model to choose? Cloudera, an open core model, thought about a new license for open source similar to MongoDB and Elastic Search but ultimately decided to go all-in on open source (support) - interesting as open-core has been the main model


Amazon to Retrain a Third of Its U.S. Workforce - WSJ

as AI and robotics takes hold in corporate America, this is much needed, retraining existing workforce - kudos to Amazon which plans to spend $700 million to retrain a third of its U.S. workforce


The Most Hyped Technology of Every Year From 2000-2018

Great graph on all of Gartner’s Hype Cycle tech over the last 18 years


Microsoft might crush Slack like Facebook crushed Snapchat

who wins - best product (Slack) or best distribution(Microsoft Teams) - Microsoft Teams is seeing increased market share, relatively higher adoption rates, and low rates of defection, according to the data.


What People Get Wrong About China and Artificial Intelligence: Eye on A.I.

Jeffrey Ding, the lead for the Center for the Governance of AI at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, explains misconceptions about China and artificial intelligence.


Facebook to be slapped with $5 billion fine for privacy lapses, say reports

The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with Facebook over the company’s 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Europe's huge privacy fines against Marriott and British Airways are a warning for Google and Facebook

The EU imposed record fines this week on British Airways and Marriott, marking the biggest fines imposed under the bloc’s new privacy rules.



Superhuman tries to reinvent email - Faster than a speeding bullet

how do you get superhuman powers for email? read on “The service plays on two of Silicon Valley’s biggest desires: for efficiency and status”


Catalytic: 'RPA is the gateway drug for AI'

“RPA is the gateway drug for AI,” Ted Shelton, chief revenue officer at Catalytic, said in an interview at Transform 2019.


Mars automation director shares his RPA wish list

ForterssIQ as one of the must haves from - John Cottongim, automation director at Mars, shared his Robotic Process Automation (RPA) wish list at Transform 2019 in San Francisco.


By Ed Sim

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