What's Hot in Enterprise IT/VC - Issue #72

S&P $550mm buy of Kensho to infuse AI into their products was big news of the week and I’m sure will be followed by many more Fortune 500s making the plunge, great read on how a large bank moves to agile dev and the challenges associated with it (Hurricane Mike), and big week for boldstart portfolio cos - Snyk announced new funding to capture lead in dev-friendly open source security and blockdaemon announced new round led by Comcast Ventures

Scaling Startups

How VCs Get Measured – Better Everyday

great post by Rob Go on how VCs get measured and what it may mean for the startups they back


Enterprise Tech

How to Make A.I. That’s Good for People - The New York Times

well said - AI as augmenting, not replacing us - Nothing is “artificial” about this technology. It is made by us, for us.


With Kensho Acquisition S&P Global Makes Largest A.I. Deal In History

congrats to our friends at S&P, this is a transformative acquisition, and one that will drive other large-AI acquisitions from large companies - “The inside story on how Harvard PhD Daniel Nadler turned a first mover advantage in A.I. for finance into a $550 million payday that could transform 158-year old Standard & Poors.”


Hurricane Mike: Urciuoli Storms JPMorgan Asset & Wealth Management - WatersTechnology.com

great profile on Mike Urciuoli CIO JPMorgan Asset & Wealth on moving to more agile dev cycle, classic challenges that every large co faces but doing none-the-less


How to Make A.I. That’s Good for People - The New York Times

well said, AI augmenting, not replacing us - more thoughts on human-centered AI - Nothing is “artificial” about this technology. It is made by us, for us.


VMware might just have cracked the container market with NSX • The Register

VMware was left for dead but super interesting how Pivotal helping revive - “But perhaps the most significant news was that VMware has started to see customers buy its NSX network virtualization software just to put it to work with the Pivotal Container Service.”


How to persuade a robot that you should get the job - Guardian

the AI better be damn good if screening out job candidates through video - Do mere human beings stand a chance against software that claims to reveal what a real-life face-to-face chat can’t?



Tanium: A Look at the Books of a Billion-dollar Tech Company | Fortune

Tanium showing books is big - lots of companies in security that can’t scale to IPO and Tanium showing it’s legit



Comcast Makes First Big Bet on a Multi-Blockchain Future - CoinDesk

Congrats to Blockdaemon (boldstart co) on new round, Blockdaemon offers a multi-chain multi-cloud network management tool that can deploy nodes and connect them to blockchains within minutes.


Snyk snares $7 million Series A to help developers deliver open source components securely | TechCrunch

Super excited to lead @snyksec new round with @canaanpartners incl. @heavybit to scale dev-focused open source security! Way to go @guypod and team! 120k devs using, 350k downloads per month and growing.. “Open source libraries provide a tremendously valuable resource for developers, but in today’s rapid fire application development environment, it’s not always..”


By Ed Sim

Ed Sim's weekly readings and notes on VC, software, and scaling startups - #enterprise #seed #DeveloperFirst #IntelligentAutomation #DataInfra #CloudNative #Cybersecurity

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